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K64 + KSDK1.3: EDMA DSPI slave behavior?

Question asked by Steve Cornelius on Feb 17, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2016 by Steve Cornelius


I've got am m2m K64 implementation running a DSPI slave using EDMA.

I can receive a packet of expected length every time.

Building on that, I was trying to receive a packet of unknown length into a buffer expecting the chip select to frame the message.

Since SPI is typically framed by the chip select, I expected an event when the master released the chip select.


What I'm seeing is that the DSPI_DRV_EdmaSlaveTransferBlocking(..) call does not return until it receives all the characters that "transferByteCount" request (or a timeout occurs).

It looks like the chip select is only gating the data shifted into the DSPI system. It's state is not being monitored.


So, my question is, is there anyway to terminate an transfer when the chip select is released?