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i.MX6UL LDO bypass

Question asked by samchinnery on Feb 17, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2016 by jamesbone

I am designing a board with the i.MX6 UltraLite processor. I want to power the CPU using a 1.2V regulator, bypassing the internal LDO_ARM and LDO_SOC regulators. However, the reference manual states that the internal POR module will hold the CPU in reset until the VDD_SOC_CAP supply is "valid." The LDO_SOC regulator is set to 1.15 volts by default, which does not give the LDO enough overhead given a 1.2V input: the dropout voltage is 150mV. The datasheet states an operating VDD_SOC_IN voltage of 1.15-1.3V, with the internal LDO bypassed.


My question is, if I supply 1.2V to the VDD_SOC_IN, with intent to bypass the internal regulator, will the internal POR module ever bring the CPU out of reset?


Additionally, if it does, what is the easiest way to bypass the internal LDO?