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Migration to SDK 2.x (KDS project (SDK 1.3) for FRDM-KL43z with using Processor Expert for IAR EWARM)

Question asked by Andrey Gorelikov on Feb 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2016 by Radoslava Povalova



I have project KDS project for FRDM-KL43z (with using Processor Expert and SDK 1.3, for IAR EWARM).


Now I want to migrate to new SDK 2.0.

I use directions from 'Kinetis SDK 2.0 Transition Guide' (3.8); for migration I download 'KSDK Project Generator', download and install 'New Kinetis SDK 2.x Project Wizard', build and download 'SDK 2.0 for FRDM-KL43z'.


But when I try to use 'KSDK Project Generator' for creating of the new SDK 2 project, I get error about incompatibility of versions of the program and Windows (7, 32bits).


Then I try to use 'New Project wizard' with using 'Kinetis SDK 2.x' and point to folder with unpacked 'SDK 2.0 for FRDM-KL43z', I get error 'Selected directory does not contain Kinetis SDK 2.x for KDS'.


So I can't to migrate.

How to make it correctly?


Thanks advance,