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Executing Code From SDRAM

Question asked by Eric Christensen on Feb 16, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2016 by Mark Butcher



I am trying to execute code from the TWR-K65F180M external (SDRAM).  I actually CAN start to execute code in SDRAM (0x80000000), yet somehow, I seem to keep reverting back to execution from on-chip flash (0x0).  How do I make sure that I continue to execute code from SDRAM?



- I created a raw image file from an elf file.  This raw image includes a vector table (located at 0x80000000) and code section (located at 0x80000410).

- I then flash an elf file to the board (KDS debugger).

- Next I copy the raw image file to SDRAM via a tftp client.

- Finally, I pause execution and manually set the PC register to 0x80000410.

- Sure enough, when I step through the assembly code I can see that we do start executing code from 0x80000410.

- I can execute and step through instructions for quite a while however eventually (and for no apparent reason) execution returns to 0x410 (flash).


Does anyone have any idea what I should try, next?