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P1021rdb gets hung in using 1588 timer for finding external clock frequency

Question asked by Amanaganti VinodKumar on Feb 16, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2016 by Amanaganti VinodKumar

Hi All,


We are using P1021rdb in our project and need to calculate external clock frequency coming from V.35 interface, We are using IEEE1588 timer for this purpose.

1) Connected V.35 clock to 1588 timer clock input clock pin

2) We have remapped the eTSEC1 timer module memory space

3) Configured the timer control register, to select the external clock as clock input source, and set BYP bit to Bypass drift compensated clock

4) Now reading counter value every 100ms (soft timer is used to get triggersat every 100ms) taking average of values collected for 20 times

5) We are able to read the clock frequency properly



If the external clock is disconnected at run time then system is hanging, when we connect it back then system is resuming its execution..

Could you please let us know where we are doing wrong, it would be great if you can share sample code to find out external clock frequency using 1588 timer..