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LS2085A: Custom board JTAG connectivity issues

Question asked by ramasubramaniansubramanian on Feb 16, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2016 by ramasubramaniansubramanian


We are trying to connect to our LS2085A based custom board.  We are unable to connect.  Please find below the error message.


(gdb) source  ../../gdb_extensions/flash/

Starting flash programmer services...

Starting local server...

Successfully started gdb server

Set gdb remote timeout to 7200

Connecting to target...

Using LS2085A SoC


Using jtag speed 16000

Connecting to probe...

ccs:Subcore error encountered during multicore operation

GTA: run control cannot suspend core.

connection failed

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "../../gdb_extensions/flash/", line 89, in <module>


File "../../gdb_extensions/flash/", line 87, in fp_initialization


File "/opt/Freescale/CW4NET_v2016.01/CW_ARMv8/ARMv8/gdb_extensions/flash/../flash/scripts/", line 128, in start_fp_services

return instance.invoke(argument, False)

File "/opt/Freescale/CW4NET_v2016.01/CW_ARMv8/ARMv8/gdb_extensions/flash/../flash/scripts/", line 85, in invoke

ret = self.start_service(argument)

File "/opt/Freescale/CW4NET_v2016.01/CW_ARMv8/ARMv8/gdb_extensions/flash/../flash/scripts/", line 99, in start_service

ret = start(args)

File "/opt/Freescale/CW4NET_v2016.01/CW_ARMv8/ARMv8/gdb_extensions/flash/../flash/scripts/", line 242, in start

if internal_start(args) is False:

File "/opt/Freescale/CW4NET_v2016.01/CW_ARMv8/ARMv8/gdb_extensions/flash/../flash/scripts/", line 47, in internal_start

if internal_connect_to_target(args) is False:

File "/opt/Freescale/CW4NET_v2016.01/CW_ARMv8/ARMv8/gdb_extensions/flash/../flash/scripts/", line 190, in internal_connect_to_target

gdb_execute('monitor ctx connect')

File "/opt/Freescale/CW4NET_v2016.01/CW_ARMv8/ARMv8/gdb_extensions/flash/../flash/scripts/", line 72, in gdb_execute

raise gdb.GdbError("Error: " + str(exc))

gdb.GdbError: Error: Protocol error with Rcmd



We ran scanboard on ccs command prompt and are able to get the IDCODE that matches to that with LS2085Ardb. This was with TBSCAN_EN_B=1


TDO -----


        * Device 0  IDCODE: 5BA00477  Device: Unknown Device


TDI -----


We tried running scanboard on both rdb and our custom board with TBSCAN_EN_B=0, we got different results.




TDO -----


        * Device 0  IDCODE: 0A01E01D  Device: Unmapped FSL Device


TDI -----




Our board (TBSCAN_EN_B=0)


TDO -----


        * Device 0  IDCODE: 0A01801D  Device: Unmapped FSL Device


TDI -----



Do you have any clue with respect to JTAG connectivity issue?