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Topaz and KVM/Qemu

Question asked by Piddy Piddy on Feb 16, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2016 by Scott Wood

Hello people,


I was asked to do some research regarding multiple operating systems/VMs on a QorIQ  T1040RDB SoC.

It seems that Topaz and KVM/Qemu both are solid solutions. The only problem i have is that i am not sure how to pick one.

There is some information, and in comments on this page it's mentioned that topaz can get more performance but KVM is more robust .

Virtualization Solutions in Freescale Linux SDK(1)– Hypervisor(topaz)

Now i wonder if someone knows why this is?

I understand that there is a difference in design between the two, but they seem to be able to take advantage of same hardware resources?


I can't find any real comparisons or benchmarks.

Is the biggest difference in design, documentation and maintenance or am i missing something?


Thanks already !