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PDB interrupt periodicity

Question asked by Nadine Sueur on Feb 16, 2016
Latest reply on May 9, 2017 by isaacavila


I'm working with a FRDM-K64F board, with KSDK_v2 release.


I'm using the PDB to hardware trigger the DAC. I'm in trouble with the usage of the PDB prescalerDivider, the PDB dividerMultiplicationFactor,

the DAC interval value, the PDB delay value, and the PDB modulus value ...

Is there an application note availabe to explain the configuration to use to obtain a requested PDB interruption periodicity ?


Following settings give a rough interruption frequency of 0.9 MHz but I'm not able to explain ...

I have not succeed in reaching  a 1.2 MHz frequency.


pdbConfigStruct.prescalerDivider = kPDB_PrescalerDivider1;

pdbConfigStruct.dividerMultiplicationFactor = kPDB_DividerMultiplicationFactor1;

PDB_SetModulusValue(PDB_BASE, 2);

PDB_SetCounterDelayValuePDB_BASE, 2);

PDB_SetDACTriggerIntervalValue(PDB_BASE, DAC_CHANNEL, 800);


See linked file (oscilloscope output for a sinus periodic curve of 4096 points)


Thanks for your help,

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