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How to calculate the A2 parameter for the resolver

Question asked by xiangjun.rong Employee on Feb 15, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2016 by Jarek Musil

Hello, all

I ask the question based on customer requirement


On the application note AN3943, there is an explanation to calculate parameters for a resolver with Mathlab (page 28).

With mathlab you can easily calculate paramter K1_scaled, K1_shift,K2scaled, K2_shift.

If you use ACLIB_AngleTrackObsvr from Aclib for 56800Ex, you have 

K1_scaled, K1_shift,K2scaled, K2_shift and an extra parameter called A2_scaled, A2_shift.


Do you have a Mathlab method to calculate K1,K2, and A2 parameters. Regarding the A2 parameter definition (f16A2Scaled), pls refer to the 56800Ex_ACLIB.pdf


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XiangJun Rong