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RTC vs FTM measurement

Question asked by therealfreegeek on Feb 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2018 by M I

I have the RTC set up to give an interrupt every second, in the interrupt I reset the FTM counter and my software FTM overflow counter and then wait for an input capture. When I get the input capture I print (over USB-CDC) the time in hours, minutes, seconds and then the time to the input capture event in nano-seconds. The FTM is set up to be clocked at 50MHz so the tick is 20nS.


Thus the highest value I would expect to see in my "software" overflow counter before the "seconds" interrupt cleared it, would be 1/(65334 x 20nS) = 762


However I regularly see values over this, can anyone say why this would happen?


Here  is the main code created with KSDK 1.3


//turns on seconds interrupt;

RTC_DRV_SetSecsIntCmd(rtcTimer1_IDX, true);


//Turn on the FTM counter in free running mode and enable overflow int

FTM_DRV_CounterStart(flexTimer1_IDX, kCounting_FTM_UP, 0x00, 0xFFFF, true);


//Turn on the FTM0 input capture

FTM_DRV_SetupChnInputCapture(flexTimer1_IDX, kFtmFallingEdge, FTM0_channel_1, input_filter_off);




       if (FTM0_Ch1_ICflag == 1 )


                     FTM0_Ch1_ICflag = 0;                          // clears "input capture" flag set in FTM interrupt routine

                     cmd_get_datetime();                           // prints the current date time

                     Ch1_nanoseconds_value =(((FTM0_Ch1_timer_overflow_count_store <<16) + FTM0_Ch1_capture_value)*20);  // calculates the ns position of pulse this second

                     PRINTF("capture value%d\r\n", FTM0_Ch1_capture_value);

                     PRINTF("overflowcount %d\r\n", FTM0_Ch1_timer_overflow_count_store);

                     PRINTF("overflowcount x 65536 = %d\r\n", (FTM0_Ch1_timer_overflow_count_store<<16));

                     PRINTF("and %dns\r\n\n",Ch1_nanoseconds_value);


.....and here is the terminal view, with a couple of examples (second and last) with the overflow count significantly above 762, any thoughts?




Here are the two interrupt routines.


void RTC_Seconds_IRQHandler(void)


       FTM0_timer_overflow_count= 0;     //Resets my timer overflow counter back to zero

       FTM_HAL_SetCounter(g_ftmBase[flexTimer1_IDX],0);   //Resets the FTM counter back to zero



void FTM0_IRQHandler(void)


   //checking the interrupt flag source and clearing









              FTM0_Ch1_timer_overflow_count_store = FTM0_timer_overflow_count;


              FTM0_Ch1_ICflag = true;