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FRDM-KL25Z battery power problem

Question asked by James Householder on Feb 14, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2016 by James Householder

My project is a simple timestamp logger.  I'm using a FRDM-KL25Z with  a DS3231 I2C clock module, and 2 buttons with 22K pullups.  I assume I have a Rev-D board since there is no provision on board for a 5v regulator and associated caps.


It works well when connected to my PC using the KL25Z-USB connector, but not when using the other supply options.  I have tried regulated 5v on VIN and regulated 3.3 v on the 3.3v pin.  The program does not work with either.  Both behave the same as when I use the OpenSDA connector ( which I know does not allow the program to run).  I have not tried attaching a coin cell yet.


How do I power the project with a battery?