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Flexbus CS3 K63

Question asked by Matthew James on Feb 14, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2016 by Matthew James

I currently have an issue getting the Chip Select 3(CS3) Port C19 working with the flexbus on the K63 micro.

I already use CS0 and CS2 to access a PSRAM and LCD respectively.

I have setup the CS3 the same as the CS2 and I don't see the CS3 line change.

In the Manual it states that  CSCR[AA] bit must also be set, which I believe I have.

I have the following configuration.

PORTC->PCR[19] = PORT_PCR_MUX(5);                //CS_3

FB->CS[3].CSAR = 0x80000000



FB->CS[3].CSCR  |= (FB_CSCR_PS(2)|FB_CSCR_WS(0x0e));     



Has anyone else had issues getting the CS3 on flexbus working. 

Am I totally missing something?


Any Help greatly appreciated.