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FlexCAN initialization & loopback MPC5645S

Question asked by Dan Schnell on Feb 15, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2016 by Petr Stancik

I'm trying to go through a retired co-workers code for testing CAN function on a custom board using MPC5645s, but he didn't get it working before he left.   Goal of that test is to transmit some arbitary message from CANA.   Loopback is setup on a test box for CANA & CANB with terminating resistors in line.  Code passes the values in the message buffers along to a print function

I don't think that CANB (and maybe CANA too) are initialized correctly?  CANA_MCR & CANB_MCR have FRZ & HALT field enabled but then it is only negated on CANA_MCR.  Does HALT have to be negated before a transmit or receive can happen?  I also think that in the CAN B RX message buffer setup he might be calling out the wrong message buffer.  I haven't worked with FlexCAN/MPC family enough to know for sure.

Attached snippet of code: (Assume message buffers are already intialized correctly)

        mem32(CANA_MCR) = 0x5000003F; // Put in Freeze Mode & enable all 64 msg bufs
        mem32(CANB_MCR) = 0x5000003F;
        mem32(CANA_CR) = 0x04DB0006; // Configure for 8MHz OSC, 100KHz bit time
        mem32(CANB_CR) = 0x04DB0006;
        for(i = 0; i < 63; i++ )                      // DeActivate All Buffers
                *CANA_MB[i] = 0x0;
                *CANB_MB[i] = 0x0;
        //CAN B RX Message Buffer setup                       
        mem32(CANA_MB[0]) = 0x280000;        //SETUP CAN A MB AS inactive IDE=1 Length=8       
        mem32(CANA_MB[0] + 1) = 0x0;    //ID is Dont Care       
        mem32(CANA_MB[0]) = 0x04280000; //MB is active and empty, ready to receive       
        mem32(CANB_MB[0] + 2) = 0x0; // data bytes 0-3 cleared to prove successful transmission       
        mem32(CANB_MB[0] + 3) = 0x0; // data bytes 4-7 cleared to prove successful transmission       

        //CAN A TX message Buffer Setup
        mem32( CANA_MB[1] ) = 0x08000000;  // buffer is inactive
        mem32( CANA_MB[1] + 1) = 0x00000000;  // ID is Dont Care                       
        mem32(CANA_MB[1] + 2) = 0x01234567; //*data bytes 0-3;
        mem32(CANA_MB[1] + 3) = 0x89ABCDEF; //*data bytes 4-7
        mem32(CANA_MB[1]) = 0x0C680000;    //transmit,IDE=1 SRR=1, RTR=0
        mem32(CANA_MCR) = 0x0000003F;  // Disable Freeze mode         begin transmission
        while (mem32(CANB_MB[0] + 2) == 0)
        printp("\nData expected = 0x01234567, received = 0x%X",  mem32(CANB_MB[0] + 2));
        printp("\nData expected = 0x89ABCDEF, received = 0x%X",  mem32(CANB_MB[0] + 3));
        if(inbyte == 'Z') break;