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How to assign a Processor?

Question asked by Jerry Gardner on Feb 13, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2016 by Jerry Gardner

I'm running Kinetis Design Studio 3.1 with a K64F Freedom board.


I created my project by selection File->New->Kinetis SDK 1.x Project. I selected FRDM-K64F on the devices screen of the wizard. I've got my code compiling and running, but when I debug it, I can't see the peripheral registers. When I select Window->Show View->Peripherals, I get a message saying "There are no peripheral descriptions available, assign a device to the project". I would have thought that choosing FRDM-K64F when I created the project would have assigned the proper device, but it apparently didn't. How do I assign a device to my project so I can see the peripheral registers when debugging?