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Question asked by Saida S on Feb 15, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2016 by Saida S

hi i.mx6 community


i have sabresd board duallite

im my custom board i have ethenet phy dp83848 and magnetic is hx1148. and i am configuring transceiver in MII10 mode in u-boot-2015.01 and  also configured related IO MUX PADS

now i set ipaddr, serverip and ethaddr environment variables in u-boot. this mac is from my sabresd board.

now when i do  #ping serverip

i am getting this error

ARP Retry count exceded : starting again

i am able to read mii registers and the same procedure as i mentioned above is working for sabresd board

so what could be the error, or if i am doing any mistake please help me in this regard or is there any hardware problem ? (my chassis ground is in floating)


please any one can help in this regard so that my custom board will the OK with all my required peripherals


thank you