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Regarding the spi interfaces on Sabre ai

Question asked by Ravitej Gollakota on Feb 14, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2016 by Ravitej Gollakota

Hello everyone,

I have a small doubt. Right now I am working on Sabre ai board and I am working on SPI. I am writing a code in order to test SPI as master and slave, for this I am using aardavrk i2c/spi host adapter as a master and I want to connect the adapter to sabre ai. But on sabre ai there is J15 which is being used as parallel display, so I cannot reconfigure it and then there is J21 which can also act as SPI but it is configured as ENET. As per my understanding there are 3 SPI Interfaces on Sabre ai, So can anyone help by saying where the third SPI interface, so that I will try to configure it and connect it to aardvark host adapter .


Your help is appreciated

Thank you