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KSDK1.2/PE/Flexbus - Getting hardware fault on first access

Question asked by LARRY KOOS on Feb 12, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2016 by David E Seymour



I'm using KDS 3.0, KSDK 1.2, and MQX_KSDK on a K64. I'm trying to use the Flexbus to interface to a bunch of memory-mapped registers in an FPGA. The first time my code tries to access a register in the FPGA, it throws a hard fault interrupt. While I have tried multiple base addresses based on the system memory map as described in the reference manual, I'm currently trying to use 0xa0000000 as the base address into a 64K address space using CS2. Using the Memory Browser, I readback FB_CSAR2 = 0xA0000000, FB_CSMR2 = 0x00000001, and FB_CSCR2 = 0x004C0180. I believe the only bit in the control register that's important at this stage is the AA bit which is set so that an access to a valid address space should auto-generate an acknowledge to prevent a hardware fault.


Is there an error in my configuration? Is there something else I need to configure to prevent the hardware fault (maybe in the MPU)? Is there a known problem with this component in PE?


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