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iMX6S imxipuvideotransform

Question asked by Carlos Aguero on Feb 12, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2016 by Joan Xie



I am currently trying to use the imxipuvideotransform element from the Freescale / NXP web page: As indicated on iMX6S datasheet the IPU doesn't support resolutions over 1024x1024, but current iMX6 kernel 3.14.28 it has the ability to divide in four the "to be" converted image, so the system is able to do colorspace transformation to 2048x2048 images, I was able to test the element and it works at this resolution, but I am trying to obtain a 2592x1944 (5MP) images from a OV5648 and to convert the image from bayer to YUV or from RGB to YUV on would say that it would require six IPU passes, I am aware that current code at ipu_device.c just support four passes (2048x2048), so currently I am not sure if this "six passes" for 2592x1944 is possible.



Somebody have done IPU colorspace transform for images with resolution bigger than 2048x2048?



Regards and thank you for your time/