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Gigabit Ethernet speed constraint for i.Mx6Q

Question asked by M on Feb 12, 2016
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i'm using i.Mx6Q (MCIMX6Q6AVT10AD) in my design.

I want to interface the Gigabit Ethernet present in the i.Mx6Q.

As per the datasheet the maximum speed that can be achieved with Gigabit Ethernet will be 400 Mbps.


"The theoretical maximum performance of 1 Gbps ENET is limited to 470 Mbps (total for Tx and Rx) due to internal bus throughput limitations."


I'm using this Gigabit Ethernet for communication between two i.Mx6Q devices without using a PHY in between.

So will the speed constraint will remain same ? or higher speed can be achieved ?



I'm also using the PCIe interface available with i.Mx6Q for Gigabit Ethernet with PCIe to Gigabit Ethernet converter. This will be used for separate file transfer application

So, Is it possible to achieve the 1000 Mbps speed with PCIe Converted Gigabit Ethernet ?


(Note that PCIe devices/converters used are capable of handling 1Gbps speed)


Please help me with this ASAP.



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Nanjunda M