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Troubles licensing CodeWarrior.

Question asked by Alejandro Moscat on Feb 11, 2016
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My name is Alejandro, and the cause of this question is because I have bought a Basic Suite of Codewarrior software ( a CWA-BASIC-NL license) for the first time and I’m unable to license the product correctly, even using the “The Software Licensing and Support Activation Guide”.


I have followed the next procedure:


-              1. Register my product

-              2. Download the Codewarrior Software CWS12v5.2, because I work with the HCS12XS microcontroller.

-              3. Install the software into my computer

-              4. Generate the lincense.dat file for my computer, as a Node locked.

Here is where I have doubts at the time I have to introduce the host ID field and the Name field.

For the host ID field, I use my system CMD with the command “vol” and I use the number it gives me without the dash character.

For the Name field, I introduce the host Name of my computer (using the command “hostname” in the system CMD), but I’m not sure if this Name is the one it ask me.

-              5. I generate the license.dat file and I introduce it into the path where Codewarrior is installed

-              6. Finally, I try to open the software and an information windows appears telling me that the software it is not licensed.


I’m completely lost, do I have to do something else? Or what am I doing wrong?


Please, I would appreciate so much your help.


Best regards.