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kernel crashes when transferring big files via g_mass_storage on i.MX6 module

Question asked by Markus Braitner on Feb 10, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2016 by Markus Braitner

Hello to all,


I got the following problem:


I use the mass storage gadget driver on an i.MX6s module running Linux. Transferring text files <10MB don't cause any problems, but trying to transmit text files >100MB, the kernel on the i.MX6 system crashes after transmitting approx. 50MB.


- Kernel version I use: 3.10.17 (custom one from module vendor)

- I compiled the driver as kernel module, loading it with

"modprobe g_mass_storage file="/dev/mmcblk1p3" removable=y stall=0"

- The Mass storage Gadget has version 2009/09/11

- I attached my kernel config as "defconfig-mine"

- usually I don't get any error messages from the kernel on the module (terminal communication simply freezes), but once I was able to capture a (ripped) "oops" message, which I attached as "20160210_Kernel_crash_g_mass_storage.txt"


Has anybody an idea?



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