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how to flash the images for imx6sl lollipup v5.1.1 with TFTP and NFS server.

Question asked by vikas kolapudi on Feb 10, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2016 by vikas kolapudi

Hi All,

Previously we used to have TFTP and NFS flashing procedure for kitkat 4.4.3, and now do we have similar procedure to flash the images on to the sd card via TFTP and NFS.

If yes, Can you please point me to the document or steps to flash.

1.When I am flashing images by following the steps :

$ cd ~/myandroid/

$ sudo chmod +x ./device/fsl/common/tools/

$ sudo ./device/fsl/common/tools/ -f <soc_name> /dev/sdX

# <soc_name> can be imx6q, imx6dl, imx6sl, imx6sx and imx7d.


But I am facing issue after booting on the console I am getting binder transaction failed.


2.When I tried using MFG tool, I am getting GUI, but not console access.

Is there any other way that I could flash the  images?

Please help me to resolve this.


Thanks in Advance,

Joseph Vikas.