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What is the address of the MPC8313E-RDB LED/Status buffer (LCS3)?

Question asked by Alan Bartky on Feb 15, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2008 by Alan Bartky

Fellow Freescale MPC8313E users,


I've been looking through all the manuals/docs I can find from Freescale, but have been unable to find one thing I need for my project.


I am running the latest Linux BSP for the MPC8313E-RDB board and need to manipulate the onboard LEDs (either write the C code myself, or use a library if one is available). What I can't find is the actual physical address to write out to set/clear the onborad debug LEDs. According to the user guide it is mapped to LCS3 on the chip, but I can't find anything to say what address is mapped to LCS3. I assume the BSP or UBOOT load is setting a map between LCS3 and an actual physical address.


Can someone post the actual address for writing to the LEDs (should be same address as reading from the status buffer) or if there it is in a Freescale document please point me to that document?


Thanks in advance