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TWR-SER UART Stops responding

Question asked by srinathps on Feb 10, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2016 by Fang Li

I've a TWR-K60N512 board & TWR-SER module. Have configured UART3 in K60 module for console access which connects to RS232 port in TWR-SER via elevators. The tower is powered from primary connector, ie. Primary Elevator (Has miniUSB too connected in K60 board. As per the K60 user guide if both sources are connected the TWR-K60 will default to the off-board source)and has a iJET debugger attached on JTAG header. The DB9 port is connect to my host machine. When I flash the firmware to the board and debug (IAR workbench is used), am able to see output/input on/to my terminal application. When I disconnect from debugger the terminal stops responding!! I checked the jumper settings in the board & IAR settings to ensure that debugger doesn't power off the board post disconnect. Can someone help identify the issue?


Thanks in advance.