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Relation between PLL Freq and SSI's sys clock

Question asked by Yehuda Stern on Feb 10, 2016
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1.  The relation between PLL Freq and SSI's sys clock is given by SSIDIV (in CCM).   Is that the product of SSIx_clk_pred and SSIx_clk_podf ?

     (I set PLL4 frequency to 688.128 MHz and SSIDIV to 56, and would expect SSI's sys clock to be 12.288 MHz).


2.  mxc_wm8962_init() function in board-mx6q_sabresd.c includes the following code:

     rate = clk_round_rate(clko, 24000000);

     clk_set_rate(clko, rate);

     wm8962_data.sysclk = rate;


     But when I read wm8962_data.sysclk, I receive 86.016 MHz, which is 7 times the expected value.

     What's the purpose of this code?  Can it simply be replaced with:   rate = clk_set_rate(clko, 12288000);  ?


3.  When measuring the Serial BIT clock with a scope, I always get 1.4112 MHz instead of 1.536 MHz.  

      Any idea why?  (is that the default value given by the driver?)