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UART send break in K60.

Question asked by Alberto Martin Delgado on Feb 10, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2016 by Jorge_Gonzalez



I'm trying to implement the SDI-12 Master (SDI-12 Support Group )


I can configure properly the UART for transmission data:

  • 1200 bps (Baudrate), 7 bit, even parity with 1 stop bit and 1 start bit.


But I don't know how can i SEND break and mask.


The Idea is :



Sin título.png


The beak is aprox 14 bits to high level

The mark is 10 bits to low level.



I can find this charapter into K60P144M150SF3RM document.

  • Transmitting break characters
  • Idle characters


But, i don't udenderd how can i do it.


Thanks you very much for everything.