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Clarification of the Hardware Checklist i.MX6

Question asked by BOMS Weigh on Feb 10, 2016
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We are finishing up the design of an IMX6 and we had a question about the three lines below.  They come from the hardware design checklist. The questions are:

12a. What does a tandem 0Ohm resistor mean?  Tandem to what?

12b Is the SD port clock trace the same as SDx_CLK?

13 From our reading of the errata/apnote, the safest method to accomplish this is to provide an external circuit to power down the SD cards?

14 Do we understand correctly that an in-line zero Ohm resistor is required on all of the SDx_CLK lines between the i.MX and the SD Card?


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Not Sure12Add reserved tandem 0Ω resister in SD port clock trace and place near i.Mx6 side for SI consideration. CUS
Not Sure13Please keep i.Mx6 "SDx_RESET" pin connecting properly with device reset pin  when eMMC/SD fast boot is used in a design. (i.M6DQ AC and i.MX6SDL AB version had fixed this issue, don't need consider this item.) See below need to add I/O line to cycle SD card power.
Not Sure14NAND_RE and SDx_CLK are loop back as internal reference clock at internal  pad, recommend adding a series 0hom resister on these two signals and place near i.Mx6 pin side to reduce the potential reflect SI issue.” CUS