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Hard Reset on a MK60 with Processor Expert Generated Code

Question asked by Mark Bishop on Feb 8, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2016 by Mark Bishop

I have a new board and when I go to disable the watchdog - it throws a hard reset.  This is using Processor Expert generated code.


Here is the generated startup:


void __thumb_startup(void);


__asm void __thumb_startup(void) {

  IMPORT  __init_hardware

  IMPORT  __main

  LDR     R0, =__init_hardware

  BLX     R0

  LDR     R0, =__main

  BX      R0




And the rest of it:


/*lint -esym(765,__init_hardware) Disable MISRA rule (8.10) checking for symbols (__init_hardware). The function is linked to the EWL library */

/*lint -esym(765,Cpu_Interrupt) Disable MISRA rule (8.10) checking for symbols (Cpu_Interrupt). */

void __init_hardware(void)


  /*** !!! Here you can place your own code before PE initialization using property "User code before PE initialization" on the build options tab. !!! ***/

  /*** ### MK60FX512VLQ15 "Cpu" init code ... ***/

  /*** PE initialization code after reset ***/

  SCB_VTOR = (uint32_t)(&__vect_table); /* Set the interrupt vector table position */

  /* Disable the WDOG module */


  WDOG_UNLOCK = WDOG_UNLOCK_WDOGUNLOCK(0xC520); /* Key 1 */               <--- never gets past here







And the ISR it jumps to is:



  /* This code can be changed using the CPU bean property "Build Options / Unhandled int code" */

  /* asm (HALT) */




It never gets to main.

I have another project (a native Keil project) that does get past this point...I just don't know why this ISR keeps tripping....nothing has been done on the processor yet.  I can't even get to the CLK config before it halts using Processor Expert.  I can't use my native Keil project because I want to use the LDD drivers from Processor Expert.