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Clock Config in S32DS for MPC5777M

Question asked by Thomas Olenik on Feb 8, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2016 by Thomas Olenik

I'm just getting started with the MPC5777M in S32 Design Studio and of course one of the first steps is configuring the clocks. The project generation wizard generates a MPC5777M.h header file and I see the MC_CGM macros. However, when I try to drill down through the project I don't actually see the registers being addressed. For example, I can see in the MPC5777M reference manual that I need to set the MC_CGM_SC_DC3 register at address offset of 0x7F4.  MPC5777M.h has a macro that defines MC_CGM_SC_DC3 as MC_CGM.SC_DC3.R, but I don't see where MC_CGM_SC_DC3 actually points to the register address. Is this something that is just hidden?


I have read AN4812 on initializing the clock, but the example seems specific to the Green Hills IDE. In the example given for the register I mention above there is the following line:



So in S32DS would the equivalent be:



I guess from a more general perspective, I'm just trying to better understand making best use of the MPC5777M.h header in my projects.