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CW 6.3 Targets in CW 10.6

Question asked by ROBERT RITCHEY on Feb 8, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2016 by ROBERT RITCHEY

This is probably a really naive question to most but I have a project in CW 6.3 I want to port to CW 10.6.  In the old project I have two "targets" as they were called in CW 6.3.  Each target could have its own subset of files, even files with the same name but different locations.  In looking over CW 10.6 neither "Targets" or "Build Configurations" seem to be the same thing.  It seems I need two separate projects in CW 10.6 to do what CW 6.3 would do with its "targets".  Can someone tell me if I am correct in this evaluation or not?  Thanks.