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MfgTool failing to load files into RAM on i.MX6UL custom board

Question asked by Matthew Starr on Feb 8, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2016 by igorpadykov

I am working on a custom i.MX6UL board.  I have successfully created a uboot, zImage, dtb, and initramfs for use with the MfgTool2 that should support the custom hardware.  I also successfully ran through DDR calibration using the V2.40 DDR Calibration Tool for DDR3 and got results that looked correct after making my own load script with my RAM DCD settings. I have verified that the DCD information I have in the uboot image is getting loaded when attempting to load u-boot by reading back the MMDC register values.


The issue I am having is that the MfgTool is getting stuck on loading u-boot and never continues on after the loading u-boot step. Attached is the MfgTool.log file from when I ran the MfgTool2.  Below is the configuration in the ucl2.xml file and I am running the TEST target from a .vbs script:



    <STATE name="BootStrap" dev="MX6SL" vid="15A2" pid="0063"/>

    <STATE name="BootStrap" dev="MX6D" vid="15A2" pid="0061"/>

    <STATE name="BootStrap" dev="MX6Q" vid="15A2" pid="0054"/>

    <STATE name="BootStrap" dev="MX6SX" vid="15A2" pid="0071"/>

    <STATE name="BootStrap" dev="MX6UL" vid="15A2" pid="007D"/>

    <STATE name="BootStrap" dev="MX7D" vid="15A2" pid="0076"/>

    <STATE name="Updater"   dev="MSC" vid="066F" pid="37FF"/>



  <LIST name="TEST" desc="Test boot into RAM">

<CMD state="BootStrap" type="boot" body="BootStrap" file ="test/u-boot.imx-mfgtool" ifdev="MX6UL">Loading U-boot</CMD>

<CMD state="BootStrap" type="load" file="test/zImage-mfgtool" address="0x80800000"

loadSection="OTH" setSection="OTH" HasFlashHeader="FALSE" ifdev="MX6SL MX6SX MX7D MX6UL">Loading Kernel.</CMD>

<CMD state="BootStrap" type="load" file="test/rootfs.img" address="0x83800000"

loadSection="OTH" setSection="OTH" HasFlashHeader="FALSE" ifdev="MX6SL MX6SX MX7D MX6UL">Loading Initramfs.</CMD>

<CMD state="BootStrap" type="load" file="test/pm-04e.dtb" address="0x83000000"

loadSection="OTH" setSection="OTH" HasFlashHeader="FALSE" ifdev="MX6UL">Loading device tree.</CMD>

<CMD state="BootStrap" type="jump" > Jumping to OS image. </CMD>





I also have used the imx-usb-loader tool ( to try and load the files I listed above and it gets stuck after loading the u-boot DCD. Below is my config file contents I use with the imx_usb tool:




mfgtool-build/images/zImage-mfgtool:load 0x80800000

mfgtool-build/images/pm-04e.dtb:load 0x83000000

mfgtool-build/images/rootfs.img:load 0x83800000

mfgtool-build/images/u-boot.imx-mfgtool:jump header


I get the following output from the imx-usb tool which looks like it is hanging around the same place as the MfgTool2:

config file <./imx_usb.conf>

vid=0x066f pid=0x3780 file_name=mx23_usb_work.conf

vid=0x15a2 pid=0x004f file_name=mx28_usb_work.conf

vid=0x15a2 pid=0x0052 file_name=mx50_usb_work.conf

vid=0x15a2 pid=0x0054 file_name=mx6_usb_work.conf

vid=0x15a2 pid=0x0061 file_name=mx6_usb_work.conf

vid=0x15a2 pid=0x0063 file_name=mx6_usb_work.conf

vid=0x15a2 pid=0x0071 file_name=mx6_usb_work.conf

vid=0x15a2 pid=0x007d file_name=mx6_usb_work.conf

vid=0x15a2 pid=0x0076 file_name=mx7_usb_work.conf

vid=0x15a2 pid=0x0041 file_name=mx51_usb_work.conf

vid=0x15a2 pid=0x004e file_name=mx53_usb_work.conf

vid=0x15a2 pid=0x006a file_name=vybrid_usb_work.conf

vid=0x066f pid=0x37ff file_name=linux_gadget.conf

config file <./mx6_usb_work.conf>

parse ./mx6_usb_work.conf

15a2:007d(mx6_qsb) bConfigurationValue =1

Interface 0 claimed

HAB security state: development mode (0x56787856)

== work item

filename mfgtool-build/images/u-boot.imx-mfgtool

load_size 0 bytes

load_addr 0x83f00000

dcd 1

clear_dcd 0

plug 1

jump_mode 0

jump_addr 0x00000000

== end work item

Setting boot_data_ptr to 0

main dcd length 1e8

sub dcd length 1e4

HAB security state: development mode (0x56787856)

jump_mode 0 plug=0 err=0

== work item

filename mfgtool-build/images/zImage-mfgtool

load_size 0 bytes

load_addr 0x80800000

dcd 0

clear_dcd 0

plug 0

jump_mode 0

jump_addr 0x00000000

== end work item



loading binary file(mfgtool-build/images/zImage-mfgtool) to 80800000, skip=0, fsize=52c298 type=0

out err=-7, last_trans=0 cnt=0x3c00 max=0x400 transferSize=0x400 retry=0

out err=-7, last_trans=0 cnt=0x3c00 max=0x200 transferSize=0x400 retry=1

out err=-7, last_trans=0 cnt=0x3c00 max=0x100 transferSize=0x400 retry=2

out err=-7, last_trans=0 cnt=0x3c00 max=0x80 transferSize=0x400 retry=3

out err=-7, last_trans=0 cnt=0x3c00 max=0x40 transferSize=0x400 retry=4

out err=-7, last_trans=0 cnt=0x3c00 max=0x20 transferSize=0x400 retry=5

out err=-7, last_trans=0 cnt=0x3c00 max=0x10 transferSize=0x400 retry=6

out err=-7, last_trans=0 cnt=0x3c00 max=0x8 transferSize=0x400 retry=7

out err=-7, last_trans=0 cnt=0x3c00 max=0x10 transferSize=0x400 retry=8

out err=-7, last_trans=0 cnt=0x3c00 max=0x8 transferSize=0x400 retry=9

out err=-7, last_trans=0 cnt=0x3c00 max=0x10 transferSize=0x400 retry=10

Giving up

HAB security state: development mode (0x00000000)



Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to start in determining where the issue is?

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