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Mirror display 3.14 kernel mx6

Question asked by adnan ali on Feb 8, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2016 by adnan ali

I am trying to get a mirrored display between the LVDS and HDMI.  ldb is mxcfb0 and hdmi is mxcfb1.


if i do not add video=mxcfb0:off in bootargs then the ldb shows up and there is nothing on the HDMI. In this case I can test HDMI by dumping some pixels onto the HDMI frame-buffer by using echo command
echo "hello nxp community" > /dev/fb2.


If I add video=mxcfb0:off in the command line then the primary display is HDMI and there are no frambuffers for the LDB device.

I have already tried "Can I mirror a LVDS channel on HDMI? " but it did not prove any good.


Do i need to do something else to support a mirrored display between the two framebuffers ?


PS: ldb is using ipuID=1 displayID=0 ("overlayed") and HDMI is using ipu1 displayID=1.


Moreover what do these kernel parameters do "di0_primary ldb=di1"




I have already asked this question here

mirror display in imx6

But there was no response to this. So asking it again