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How to de-assert PMIC_ON_REQ by software.

Question asked by Satoshi Shimoda on Feb 8, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2016 by Yuri Muhin

Hi community,


I have a question about i.MX6SX PMIC_ON_REQ.

I want to know how to de-assert PMIC_ON_REQ by software (shutdown by software).

I think it is possible by using Dumb PMIC Mode in Chapter 58.6.1 in IMX6SXRM Rev.0.

However, I don't understand the detail how to do it.

I guess PMIC_ON_REQ is de-asserted when TOP in SNVS_LPCR register is set if DP_EN = 1b.

Is this correct?

Or any other additional setting is needed?



Best Regards,

Satoshi Shimoda