Mark Butcher

RNDIS (Virtual Ethernet) on Kinetis parts with USB

Discussion created by Mark Butcher on Feb 8, 2016

Hi All


The new uTasker release V1.4.11

contains many new features including two new USB classes: Audio (with clock domain synchronisation) and RNDIS (virtual Ethernet)


RNDIS (Remote Network Driver Interface Specification) allows devices with Ethernet to be used as a USB-Ethernet adapter by a host. Or allows the host to communicate with the device as if it were a node on the connection's network which can also be used by devices that don't have Ethernet [the device can still communicate via TELNET or be configured with a web browser or files transferred to it using FTP]. Mixtures of these are also possible.


Below are 5 configurations that are supported, allowing Kinetis devices with Ethernet to operate as multi-homed devices or bridges as well as simple USB-Ethernet adapter. The configurations should be quite self-explanatory but a detailed RNDIS document is being worked on too which will be available shortly. [Configuration 3 is used by devices without Ethernet controller]