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TWR-mcf51mm256 bootloader mode problem

Question asked by paco shnaidler on Feb 7, 2016



I have recently purchased the tower mcf51mm256 board and it had a very old bootloader on it that wasnt working with codewarrior 10.x or windows 7, so I tried to update the bootloader by putting my board into bootloader mode and installing coldfire v1 on it using the PE updater tool. The first time was a success, however on my second attempt to update the bootloader firmware, my mcf51mm256 board does not go into bootloader mode anymore. I have set the jumper on pin 12, disconnect the board, and connect it again, but it always come up as debug mode and not bootloader mode. The PE updater keeps displaying a message saying that I need to go into bootloader mode and refuses to update my firmware.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.