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LS1043ARDB SDK 0.5 Image file contents unclear

Question asked by Don Berkowitz on Feb 5, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2016 by Don Berkowitz

Section 2.1.4 is not clear to me as to the output produced by the various builds.  Let me ask some specific questions:


First of all, I know that a complete, bootable media (exclusive of u-boot) must contain a Linux Kernel, rootfs and device tree blob (DTB).  What is unclear to me is whether or not these three components are present in all of the builds.  For example, does a build output file with the extension rootfs.ext2.gz such as fsl-image-x11-ls1043ardb ... contain all three components?  Does it have to be unzipped on the media before it can be used?  How about the same files with extension rootfs.ext2.gz.u-boot?  Does the u-boot extension mean the file also contains u-boot and can be copied to the boot area on the target media and then the complete image is ready to boot?  How about the itb files.  I understand that they all contain the three required components.  That sounds like a much better format to use, but I don't see how you generate an .itb file through configuration - how would I create an .itb file for the x11 build?