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KDS - attach debugger issue

Question asked by Randy Hermes on Feb 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2019 by Randy Hermes

Using KDS 3.0, SDK 1.3, PE Multilink JTAG.


I just started using my app with the Kinetis bootloader.

Prior to using the bootloader I was able to use a debug configuration to attach to an already installed application that was linked starting at address 0.


The new configuration was moved to starting address 0xA000 to allow room for the bootloader.

The bootloader loads and runs the app fine.


I created a debug configuration to attach to the running app.  It attaches fine, but will not execute a breakpoint.  It appears the breakpoint is set, but it never breaks.

I've tried using symbol offsets of 0 and 0xA000.  Neither works.


So what am I doing wrong.


Thank You