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bsp cloning wizard MQX 4.2

Question asked by annamol alex on Feb 6, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2016 by Robert York


Is BSP cloning wizard used to generate the  source files of example projects? I followed the steps mentioned in the MQX_BSP_Cloning_wizard getting started guide and ended up generating the source files of mqx examples. Am I missing something or is my understanding about BSP cloning wizard wrong?

  • Why aren't the projects getting generated as per IDE?
  • Some files and folders are missing even after generating source tree. Is it so?
  • The user_config and other configuration related files won't be generated?

Please correct me , if my understanding is wrong. I was hoping to reuse mqx related files from the clone when the working copy gets corrupted. How do people generally use and work with MQX. Usually I work from the installation directory itself and when compilation of either BSP/PSP fail go for a re-installation. Is this the normal approach?