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Processor Expert and KSDK 2.0?

Question asked by bcamp on Feb 4, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2016 by Konstantin Grjznov



Ok, so I have gone through the new "build process" for KSDK 2.0 and built a version for each of the dozen or so processors that I seem to have to keep up with. The new project update has added a KSDK 2.0 project option under file / new. I hit that and do a trial project for a MKL17. Up comes a nice new project with FreeRTOS as the operating system.


Now I need to start hooking up pins and clock signals. There does not seem to be any Processor Expert support in KSDK 2.0. There also does not seem to be a hardware view in KDS 3.1 when running a KSDK 2.0 based project.


So - Did I install something wrong? The only things I have seen to install are the KSDK custom package and the new project update in Eclipse. If there is something else to do, then I've missed it.


Is Processor Expert dead for 2.0 projects or is it just a little late to the party? Late I can deal with. Dead raises other questions.


*If* PE is dead for 2.0, is there an alternate pin mux / clock mux tool in the works? Again, I can deal with late. No tool at all is a bit of a PIA.


I'm not trying to start any sort of war here. I realize that things change. I'm just trying to understand how they have changed so I can react accordingly. If there is a bunch of stuff in the works, I'll just put 2.0 on the shelf for a while and wait. If this is the way things will go in the future, I might as well dive in now.


If it's a vote, I certainly would vote for retaining some sort of hardware view / pin connection function in the tool chain. It is a big help at the board layout stage.