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Using a TWR-K22F120M and TWR-LCDC-EPSON to drive the touchscreen and display on a TWR-LCD-RGB

Question asked by Dan Pingel on Feb 4, 2016
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We will eventually be using a Kinetis K22F MCU and a display controller chipset to drive a color LCD and touchscreen on a product that is being developed. Before finalizing the LCD and display, I have been tasked with some feasibility development using the TOWER SYSTEM and the TWR-LCD-RGB.


Our internal tribal knowledge of the Kinetis is still in its infancy, and there are a lot of layers to understand. I've seen a TWR-K70F120M control the TWR-LCD-RGB directly (but haven't seen any source code - it was all pre-compiled and downloaded from the NXP website). I've read that the TWR-K60D100M can work using the TWR-LCDC-EPSON and control the TWR-LCD-RGB (don't have the K60 hardware, and haven't seen any source on that either).


On the NXP PEG page, there's some evaluation downloads (with source!) of the PEG PRO GUI library for the TWR-K70F120M and even one labeled for the TWR-K22F120M. I can download and build that, but there is no description of the hardware configuration required for that project to build.


I'm really struggling. I'd like to see any example (code!) of some TWR board talking to the TWR-LCD-RGB using the TWR-LCDC-EPSON. If anyone has any advice or examples that can help, that would be amazing! I have had a real difficult time with finding examples with all of the Kinetis work I've done so far.


Thanks so much for your help!