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Unresolved inclusion warnings

Question asked by David Sherman on Feb 4, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2016 by David Sherman

Something a little strange I'm seeing in KDS.  Seems to be an Eclipse issue, but it's not making sense.  I have multiple source files in the project.  There's a separate project in the workspace that includes several header files.  I have the top level project defined to use the includes directory I've defined, and I've used the path "${ProjDirPath}/../KELibs/Includes".  If I look under the C/C++ general properties, I see it is resolving the path properly.  Here's what doesn't makes sense.  Some of these source files in the top level project will show several warnings about unresolved inclusions, and show syntax errors as a result.  However, other source files at the same level in the project include the exact same files, and have no warnings.  Everything builds and compiles fine, I just don't understand why all these warnings are showing up for certain files.  If I look at the properties for the files with the warnings, their include paths are correct.