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AW60 & Codewarrior 6.0 for Microcontrollers - ansii.lib question

Discussion created by Dave Miller on Feb 15, 2008
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Hello All,
Before I begin I already started an SR 1-422477913 a> but I am hoping another user has had this issue and might be able to provide an answer a little quicker.
My processor is a 9S08AW60 (2048 Bytes RAM, 64K ROM) and I am using CW 6.0 for Microcontrollers.  I have purchased a thrid party embedded GUI library for the LCD I have connected and I am running into a problem with the amount of RAM being used.  currently it appears I am using 2447 Bytes of RAM, obviously too much.  In trying to figure out where I can cut back I noticed that CW seems to be the big memory hog not the GUI library. 
CW links in a library called ansii.lib.  It appears that this lib is allocating 2018 bytes of RAM.  When the processor only has 2048, well that does not leave much for anyone else.  Does anyone know how to reduce how much RAM this lib function is using?