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Request for information on CodeWarrior document use

Discussion created by Tom Thompson on Feb 15, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2008 by Tom Thompson
We try to help you out with problems in these forums. Hopefully, we do. Now, you can help us---which will help us help you better.

I'm taking a simple poll here:

When you use CodeWarrior, how do use use its documentation? Yes, it's safe to admit you read the manuals here. :smileyhappy:

Do you:

Use the PDF version of the manuals? If so, do you read it on-screen or print it out?
Do you use the Windows Help version of the manuals?
Do you rely on the tooltips?
Do you NOT use any of these? If so, why? Saying something's bad is OK (if done tastefully and with an explanation of why), because it means we have a problem to fix.

We've got a number of products in the pipe, which means updated documentation. How you use the documents will help use decide where to best focus our efforts.


---Tom Thompson
J2MEJediMaster, and support guy