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Make IIC a slave

Question asked by Ronald Patton on Feb 4, 2016



After long last I have been able to successfully build and compile an application for the MC9S08QG8 thanks to a post by Rodney McGee (How-to Directly Install CodeWarrior 6.3 Classic in Windows 7 & 10 x64 (Unofficial Method) ).   It is a somewhat old application for an amateur radio device.  As just mentioned, the code builds, loads and runs fine.


The device has an externalized IIC interface.

The IIC routines act as master.  The application currently interrogates an ADC chip and writes information to a LCD display (which is not IIC).   I would now like to change the IIC routine to act as a slave.  Why?  I will be interfacing the device with another device (via the externalized IIC interface) that will act as the master.  The new external device will interrogate the ADC (via IIC) and then send information to the application running on the MC9S08QG8) (acting as slave).  The application will then update the LCD display.  So, the bottom line is I would like the current MC9S08QG8 application to act as a slave.


How do I do that with Code Warrior 6.3?




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