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FRDM-KEAZ128 board profile

Question asked by Glenn Doiron on Feb 4, 2016
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We are considering moving from the FRDM-KE06Z to the FRDM-KEAZ128 development board for our internal prototypes.  With the KE06Z, I was able to download the Orcad .BRD layout file and extract coordinates and clearances for headers and mounting holes.



I see no layout or dimensions on the FRDM-KEAZ128 information pages, aside from the note that it is Arduino Uno compatible.  A quick check of the Arduino Uno shows that the headers there may line up with some of the pins on the FRDM-KEAZ128, but I do need the position of all the main headers including the CAN and LIN interface, in order to build up an Orcad part to drop onto our interface boards which allows us to plug the development board directly into the interface board (after soldering sockets and moving around jumpers on the dev board).



Trying to measure these things by hand with a caliper is less than ideal.  Is there any way that we can get a layout of the FRDM-KEAZ128 for this purpose?  It would need to locate the mounting holes (diameter), J1-J6, J11, J13, J14, and call out what the electrical clearance is around the mounting holes on both sides of the PCB.