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Question asked by Koorosh Hajiani on Feb 3, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2016 by Koorosh Hajiani

I've been trying to use the DB9 connector on TWR-SER2 to communicate from TWR-K64F120 UART1 to PC.

I can run the "Hello World" demo on TWR-K64F120 successfully and communicate to PC over the USB open cd victual com port link.

For the next step I decided to use the DB9  connector on  TWR-SER2 to do the same thing however I realized that :


  • UART1 is used in the demo for TWR-K64F120 to link up with the PC virtual com port
  • I can not find any jumper settings to connect TWR-K64F120 UART1 to UART1 on TWR-SER2 ,this is significant since DB9 connector is linked with UART1

So I'm not certain how to connect TWR-K64F120  UART1to TWR-SER2 UART1 and even if this is possible?

The jumper setting on TWR-K64F120,  connect the UART1 either to the USB open cd com port or to the UART0 of the TWR-SER2 via Primary TOWER Elevator board.


At this point I gave up on the UART1 connection from K64F to SER2 and decided to use US Serial interface on SER2  board, this interface uses UART0, so I need to change the demo code a little bit as to use UART0 rather than UART1 and try it.


Please let me know if my approach is correct and if any of the assumptions that I made is wrong. This is my 1st week working with all of these products and I know I'm missing something here.


One last thing:

When I try to download the driver for the USB , I just see an .inf file and no installer or anything like that, anyways  in device manager ,there is a USB-assigned to COM3 .IS THIS NORMAL?



Koorosh Hajiani