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SRAM retention over system reset

Question asked by Iain Rist on Feb 3, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2016 by Jorge_Gonzalez

I am really only interested in SRAM retention over a software reset, but I thought this post could be a catch-all.


I am working on a Kinetic K10. I want to reset the microcontroller and retain some data over the reset. I realise I can use the System Register File to achieve this, since this is only reset via a power-on reset, but I am interested in other methods as well.


I did not see in the reference manual any mention in what state the SRAM comes up in after POR or the effect of the various system reset sources on the current state of the SRAM.


Does the SRAM come up filled with a static value after a power-on reset?

Does the SRAM retain its contents any/some/all system resets?


The K10 has multiple system reset sources. If the SRAM is retained over only some system resets, please could you indicate which ones.


Power-on reset

External pin reset

Low-voltage detect

Watchdog timer

Low leakage wakeup

Loss-of-clock (external)

Loss-of-clock (PLL)

Stop mode acknowledgement error

Software reset

Lockup reset

EzPort reset

MDM-AP system reset request