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CodeWarrior Highligthing PC-lint errors

Question asked by jean-christophe fontaine on Feb 3, 2016
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I'm writting a procedure to use PC-lint (without plug-in) using the following method:


JB Enterprises – Johan Bezem » Blog Archive » Using PC Lint in Eclipse – no plug-ins required


But I've a problem, in the console window, the message are not highlighted and I can't make the link between the error message and the source code.


Normally when there are error messages in the console window, there is a link with the source code:



But in my case, the error messages are not highlighted and there is no link with the source code


I've a project working but I don't know to reproduce this configuration. I compared the properties of the project, the CodeWarrior preferences but I didn't find where does come from the problem.


Do you know which option is needed to hightlight the error messages?


Best regards.