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Does DFS work with the LS1021A?

Question asked by Nikhil Rao on Feb 2, 2016

We have a TWR-LS1021A-PB evaluation board and are trying to get DFS (Dynamic Frequency Scaling) to work, with the aim to reduce CPU Power Consumption and also Temperature.


We are booting off SD Card. The following images from the NXP v1.9 SDK were used to configure the SD Card.





The SD Card was setup as per the instructions on the following page:


I’ve attached a log of the LS1021A CPU boot up (Uboot and Kernel) and our attempts at querying and also changing the frequency.


However each time we try to change the frequency, we get an error message, as shown in the attached file.


Has anyone managed to get DFS working on the TWR-LS1021A-PB board?  Is there anything we should be doing differently in the configuration process? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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