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AIOP debugging with CodeWarrior

Question asked by Yiping Wang Employee on Feb 3, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2016 by Sanjay Kumar

When I follow the application note to debug AIOP reflector source level application from CW4NETv2015.08.

CodeWarrior for APP Version: 10.1.1 Build Id:150805

Board used : LS2085RDB

I want to debug AIOP from system entry point referring to the section " 6 Debugging AIOP APP using CodeWarrior", with the following approach.

1: CW_APP Debug->Attach AIOP

2: CW_ARMv8 ->Inspect

3:CW-ARMv8 reset

4:CW_APP debugger shell bp __sys_start


But AIOP sys_start breakpoint is not hitting


Please refer to section B given below and let me know what I may be missing.

Building AIOP:

Added  dwarf symbolic info  in meta-fsl-networking/recipes-dpaa2/aiop-refapp/


DEPENDS = "aiopsl"


S = "${WORKDIR}/git/${BPN}"


inherit deploy

CFLAGS += "-sym dwarf-2, full"

LDFLAGS += "-sym dwarf-2, full"

SRC_URI = " \


Build AIOP Reflector App

$bitbake aiop-refapp -c cleansstate

$bitbake aiop-refapp

Program AIOP Reflector Application ELF

tftp 0x80000000 ls2085-ear5/aiopapp/aiop_reflector.elf

erase 0x584900000 +$filesize

cp.b 0x80000000 0x584900000 $filesize


What could be the probable reason?